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Social security

Age pension entitlements

Section: 9.2

Centrelink applies means testing procedures to determine a person's age pension entitlement. Both an income test and an assets test are applied. The age pension entitlement of a person is then taken to be the lower of the pension entitlements determined using each of the two means tests. No means testing is applied to pensioners who are blind.

Member of a couple

A person is a member of a couple if they are living with another person as their partner, whether they are married or in a same-sex or de facto relationship. Irrespective of whether one or both are applying for a payment, the couple income and asset test is applied.

Where there is a pensioner/allowee couple, 50% of the joint income is applied to each member of a couple, regardless of who earns the income. For an allowee couple, the personal income of each allowee only affects the partner's payment when it is in excess of the allowee income cut-off limit.

Pension reform and transitional arrangements

Transitional arrangements have been introduced following pension changes on 20 September 2009. The transitional arrangements ensure that anyone receiving a pension prior to this date will not be worse off.

Last modified: Tuesday, May 2, 2017